Supplements To Keep Your Body In Balance

We’re excited to distribute Thorne Researches new branched-chain amino acid supplement called DaxibeQOL.  Amino acids are the building blocks of protein which is required by every cell in the body. The body does not store protein as it does fats and carbohydrates. Protein digestion requires a lot of energy and can be impaired due to gut  dysfunction as we approach middle and old-age. This supplement increases mitochondrial activity as well as increasing the number of mitochondria per cell. This results in increased energy, stamina, strength and balance, and lean muscle mass. Studies have shown  type two diabetics can also be helped due to improved glucose handling resulting in lower  hemoglobin A-1 C blood levels. The supplement can also help those on chemo or radiation therapy to maintain strength and muscle mass. The difference between Thornes amino acids versus similar products on the market is the ratio of branched-chain amino acids to the other amino acids in the formula. The ratios of amino acids in this formula have been studied for over 20 years and Thorne has the exclusive rights to distribute this product in United States. For more information on this product, you may follow the link bellow to view a video that goes into more detail about this product.



Dr. Fred Lewin