Lose Those Winter Blahs!


Blue skies are being seen again in Colorado. Normally we have sunny days throughout the winter but not so much this year! Now it is time to shake off those “Winter Blahs” and breath in the fresh air of spring which, according to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, started Tuesday, March 20th. Speaking of blue skies brings me to the subject of Vitamin D; we get a lot of our D from the sun. Not much was known of the amazing benefits of Vitamin D besides the strengthening of our bones until recently. Studies have begun to show that not only does D have a huge impact on our immune system in general, it may also protect us against heart disease and cancers of the prostate, breast & colon.

To get more Vit. D naturally take 10-15 minutes in the sun but do so free from sunscreen, regular glasses or sunglasses as these block the beneficial Vitamin D from reaching our skin. As an interesting note, people with light skin need less time in the sun than those with darker skin.

Thorne Research, the brand we carry, has the only preservative free Vitamin D on the market. We also offer blood tests to measure your Vitamin D levels. You may temporarily need to take higher doses of Vitamin D if you are deficient. In our family, at the start of an acute cold or virus, we will increase the dose of D for 3 days and have found it to be helpful in fighting off the sickness & recovering our health.

For further reading on Vitamin D you can Click Here.

Over the next few blogs, we will be expanding health awareness so we can all “Spring into Health”. Enjoy the day!

Dr. Fred Lewin