About Dr. Fred Lewin

Dealing With Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is debilitating. It is hard to maintain hope when you have seen countless doctors, taken medications, and still have no diagnosis or relief. Surgeries may limit one source of pain but often lead to long-term complications.

Out of desperations, a lot of people turn to painkillers and other medications. Some medications help with pain but often cause brain fog, dizziness, nausea, and in some cases lead to addiction. In reality, taking painkillers regularly exchanges one type of debilitation for another.

You start out wanting to get back to the life pain stole from you and end up resorting to surviving the pain.

I understand how it feels to experiencing pain on a daily basis. When I was young I experienced a shoulder injury. I was in serious pain and nothing helped. My mom brought me to a chiropractor and he was able to get me back to normal.

About Dr. Fred Lewin

I decided to become a chiropractor so I can help other people get relief from their pain the way I was able to. I graduated from Life Chiropractic College in 1981 and I have been helping people get free from the limitations of pain since then.

Over the years I have practiced in New York and Atlanta before moving to beautiful Colorado seventeen years ago. My practice, Mission Chiropractic, serves patients from all over Colorado. Most of our patients are from the local area near Arvada, Westminster, and Broomfield.

At Mission Chiropractic, we take the level of care we provide seriously. I have never stopped learning new techniques so I can get fast and long-lasting results. Utilizing my certification in acupuncture and my extensive training in wellness care, nutrition, rehabilitation, low-level laser treatment, allergy testing, and lab work I provide complete care for my patients.

My training includes Spinal Reflex Analysis, spinal decompression, cranial adjusting, pilates, Applied Kinesiology, Activator Methods, homeopathy, as well as hormone physiology and support.

I have been married to my lovely wife Karise for 32 years, and have five children and two grandchildren.

I look forward to helping you take back your health.



Dr. Fred Lewin, DC